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Norway Reports is an independent and multidisciplinary publishing company. Our team focuses on delivering the highest value to its client’s digital content, ensuring that information reaches the right audience, at the right time.
As such, Norway Reports brings forth the value proposition of the companies we feature in our channels with truthful, reliable, and high-quality communication by creating targeted campaigns for its clients instead of using general public advertising methods.

Our Mission

To help our clients to take advantage of the digital trends by providing highly useful and modern communication channels focusing on long-term exposure and effective targeting, going beyond simple advertising and business publishing.

Our Vision

To modernize business communications practices and channels, optimizing the digital interaction between companies and organizations. Norway Reports aims to revolutionize third-party publishing and advertising by working together with its clients to provide agile, flexible, and adaptable services adapted to digital platforms and audiences.

of traffic comes from mobile devices


of Norwegians ages 25-66 access Facebook daily


of Norwegians use more than one social media platform

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is the daily average time spent online in Norway

About Us

Evolution of communication

Business communications have evolved rapidly in the digital era, moving from massive broadcasting to highly targeted strategies. To overcome the challenges caused by the oversupply of information, Norway Reports analyzed the evolution of communications to design optimal strategies following the audience's current behavior.


Norway Reports values and protects its clients' privacy and trade secrets. We provide support to share objective information and strive to deliver factual and trustworthy content.


 By promoting coordination with our clients, Norway Reports fulfills its deadlines in a timely and organized manner.


Our services can cover the needs of corporates, industrials, SMEs, and even startups. Meet your goals, save valuable man-hours, and stay within budget.


With a multidisciplinary team and capable partners, we combine diverse academic and professional backgrounds to design highly effective and lower-cost publishing and advertising strategies.

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