What we do

In Norway Reports we support you to develop a modern, cost-effective, and targeted communication strategy. We work together with our clients to plan their strategy while we provide all the editorial, graphic, or video materials they need to execute it.

We are also an alternative communication channel for companies that already produce great content and wish to advertise to reach larger or more specific audiences. 

Norway Reports is a strategic ally for generation, expansion, or discovery of business opportunities in potential markets, maximizing investment, and reducing costs of research and validation. Book a no-cost meeting with us and learn more about how we can support you to improve your communication and marketing efforts and maintain constant exposure to potential clients with our strategies and material we can produce for you!



Why should a company prioritize content quality?

Communications and content must be appealing, attractive, and interesting, but they must be targeting the right audience. One additional element is usually forgotten: reliability. Norway Reports blends together economic research and marketing techniques and delivers a full solution in editorial, graphic, and video formats.

Communication efforts show a company’s knowledge in its field, strengthens its brand, and promote trust among its audiences. You may showcase products or services, share success stories, market research results, your competitive edge, or even your efforts as a socially responsible company. Potential customers will know that they are making the right call when choosing to work with your company.

Is it expensive to increase the quality of my communications?

It can be, especially if all costs are internalized by a company. To develop high quality communications that are backed up by facts, show knowledge, are visually attractive, and target the right audiences, a company needs a team with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. 

This team setup can be very costly, especially in Norway. To reduce such costs, Norway Reports assigns a team to work with our clients, with each member using only just enough hours to fulfill their needs. Compared to hiring, for example, a copywriter and a designer, Norway Reports can usually cover all the needs of a client at a 65-75% lower cost. 

These are some examples of what Norway Reports can help you create:


    We promote your content in our social media channels using inbound marketing techniques and customized targeting. We advertise your content with a time lag to reach those who may have not engaged with your campaigns.

    Designed to introduce the brand or product to the client in a soft way, providing value to the viewer and showing a storytelling-based communication.

    Strategically placed ads in our blog section meant to attract attention from the users in a non-intrusive manner, capable of generating a positive impact on the reader.

    Content designed for transmitting a message in the most efficient and engagement-generating way. Modern, dynamic, recommended for talking and/or positioning a brand or product.

    Mailing distributed through the exclusive data network of Norway Reports composed by CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs and CSOs among other relevant positions in representative industries.

    Monthly distributed mailing through the exclusive Norway Reports network composed by CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs and CSOs among other relevant positions in representative industries.

    We support our clients to connect with our network. Should we find compatible contacts or companies, we support our clients to seek new opportunities.

    Editorial content for a main target in the high-level decision-making business sector. An option to present products, position your company and generate awareness.

    Content designed to impact visually the chosen target. This content brings value to the reader, raising brand awareness and engagement.

    Editorial selection for guaranteed impact and attention from the readers in digital media. Designed to convey a straightforward message to a specialized target.