Services for Industrials and Suppliers

Norway Reports has worked with companies in industrial sectors such as oil and gas, renewable energy, electricity, fisheries, aquaculture, and shipping, performing over 100 interviews with key stakeholders of both private and public sectors.

Digital communication is rapidly displacing traditional and print media. Our specialty is to support industrials to improve their use of online communication channels, design attractive marketing campaigns to capture the attention of potential customers, and produce the needed material to create opportunities that lead to sales and winning contracts.

What can we create for industrials?

The design and execution of marketing and communication campaigns of industrial companies can be challenging. Target audiences are highly specific and decision-making processes usually involve more than one person.

Creating content is also time-consuming, which becomes a burden for the teams of industrials and suppliers. We bring new ideas, a team with the necessary expertise, and create all the material you need at a fraction of hiring costs while offering additional exposure.

Economic and Market Research

Show your customers your knowledge and expertise in your field of work. This type of communication is great to attract attention without being invasive. We support you to create content that validates the value of your company and its relevance in the industry based on facts related to benefits, cost competitiveness, savings, or increased efficiency.

These research results can also be used to create great infographics and videos.


Interviews and Articles

Interviews and articles are a great way to highlight what makes a company or specific divisions special and unique from an external point of view. Norway Reports is highly experienced in performing interviews for industrial players in diverse sectors and areas.

A one-hour meeting can be the source of many communication elements!

Product/Project/Technology Spotlights

Spotlights are complements to a communication strategy. When developed correctly, these become a strong support to marketing efforts, highlighting specific aspects that make your value proposition special. We can support you to create spotlights of your products and technology that catch the attention of your target audiences.

Spotlights are also useful to communicate your company's successful projects or stories!

Third-party advertising and campaigns

We also promote all your material in Norway Report's blog and social media channels. We do not only help your company to create a strategy and produce communication material, we go beyond and execute advertising campaigns using inbound marketing techniques at no extra cost for as long as we work together!

Rather than paying high prices for fixed placements, we tailor your campaigns to reach the decision-makers in your industry only providing you with feedback on their performance and reach.  

Curious about what we can do? Request a quote!

Good examples are: create a digital strategy, reduce hiring costs, not enough time or people to create content, targeted advertising, or any other goal!

Work with our team to keep a lean structure and avoid high hiring costs. We will cover your marketing content needs keeping within your budget. Norway Reports can support both Norwegian and international companies and execute strategies locally or in other markets. We are also a great gateway for foreign companies or suppliers who wish to find Norwegian customers!


Explore some of our projects:


Oil & Gas Report 2018

Available now!

Even though 2017 was a year full of challenges for the oil and gas sector, the industry has focused strongly on developing cost-reduction strategies and on increasing the overall performance of its operations. By the beginning of 2018, oil prices trended upwards for the first time after 3 years of uncertainty.  Nevertheless, the industry remained vigilant to variations in the market despite the positive expectations for recovery.

With the Oil & Gas Report, we discovered the key traits of a desirable partner in the Norwegian energy industry. Reliability, professionalism, innovation, and cost-effectiveness are critical aspects that are usually prioritized by decision-makers.


Renewable Energy & Electricity Project 2019

Avaiable now!

Throughout the years, Norway has developed a reliable and clean electricity infrastructure using hydropower as the main source of energy. Many countries have established goals to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, providing further momentum to the renewable energy industry.

In this project, we worked with numerous companies including lawyers, energy companies, industry suppliers, organizations, and associations. The report highlights the needs of the market and the goals they were aiming to fulfill. Our job is to use this knowledge to find suitable partners that can drive the industry forward.