Campaigns and Advertising

Looking for additional channels to reach larger audiences? Norway Reports can support companies that already have established and experienced communication teams and content ready to share.

Unlike the traditional approach, Norway Reports designs and executes third-party campaigns using inbound marketing techniques. This means that we build full long-term campaigns to advertise your content following specific targeting guidelines to reach and communicate with decision-makers who are relevant to the service, product, or solution you offer.

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Our campaigns take advantage of both our natural audience and targeted professionals. Instead of promoting a single article or advertisement, we use all the material provided by our clients for as long as they need at significantly lower costs compared to traditional media channels. When advertising, it is critical to consider awareness periods, branding efforts, and detect the best moment to make your pitch.

Online advertising campaigns are tailored to every client and their objectives and we offer large flexibility instead of using fixed placements in our channels or our blog. Dynamic advertising campaigns and targeting are rapidly displacing traditional insertions. Instead of paying for placements, we execute full strategies targeting both our natural audience and new potential customers to lead them to you!


Looking to reach new customers? Get in touch with us and reach your target audiences!