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Online content is rapidly displacing traditional/print channels because of its lower costs and its enhanced performance and tracking features. To take the best advantage of this trend, it is necessary to ensure the reliability and quality of online communication and the effectiveness of targeting techniques.

Our work can be used in our client’s blog, as social media posts, or even as campaigns that drive traffic to your website, earn potential customers’ trust and ramp up engagement and interest. Visits to business blogs or landing pages turn into potential new sales.

Strategy design and Advisory

We support our clients to build a robust communication strategy and support their marketing efforts to fulfill their goals. Our team brings expertise in economics, marketing, communications, and design to calendarize activities, produce materials, and execute supporting campaigns throughout all of our channels and networks.

Text and articles

Best suited to show your knowledge, address challenges and issues your customers may face, and keep connected with current customers. Includes economic/market research and reports, articles, interviews, spotlights, and other possibilities.

Graphic content

Great to attract the attention of your audiences. Images are processed faster than words; an infographic can share as much key information as an article in just a few seconds. Includes infographics, graphs or charts, images, photos, and templates that attract attention quickly.

Video Content

Video is the best format to communicate in social media channels. This format is highly attractive and can be used to explain complex ideas or a company’s value proposition. Generally, video has the best performance, but it may be tempting to overuse.

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Strategies and solutions designed for each customer

Norway Reports understands the high burden that content production represents for internal communication and marketing teams. Our goal is to maximize our clients' ROI and help them save valuable man-hours. Whether we work with larger companies or SMEs, there is always something interesting to communicate!

In addition to our general clientele, we offer tailored solutions for clients with specific needs:

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