Through our work portfolio, Norway Reports has compiled industrial reports focusing on the main Norwegian industries to help different companies to discover new business opportunities in local and foreign markets. 
Our publications link the leaders’ perspectives with the industry’s activities and the operating framework, therefore, facilitating the capitalization of new opportunities to promote the growth and prosperity of the industry. We can provide insight and help you communicate with new partners!

Oil & Gas Report 2018

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Even though 2017 was a year full of challenges for the oil and gas sector, the industry has focused strongly on developing cost-reduction strategies and on increasing the overall performance of its operations. By the beginning of 2018, oil prices trended upwards for the first time after 3 years of uncertainty.  Nevertheless, the industry remained vigilant to variations in the market despite the positive expectations for recovery.

With the Oil & Gas Report, we discovered the key traits of a desirable partner in the Norwegian energy industry. Reliability, professionalism, innovation, and cost-effectiveness are critical aspects that are usually prioritized by decision-makers.


Renewable Energy & Electricity Project 2019

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Throughout the years, Norway has developed a reliable and clean electricity infrastructure using hydropower as the main source of energy. Many countries have established goals to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, providing further momentum to the renewable energy industry.

In this project, we worked with numerous companies including lawyers, energy companies, industry suppliers, organizations, and associations. The report highlights the needs of the market and the goals they were aiming to fulfill. Our job is to use this knowledge to find suitable partners that can drive the industry forward.


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