1How is Norway Reports different from a marketing/communications agency?

Communication agencies specialize in a broad spectrum of services. These services may include the development of internal communication documents, and press releases, as well as articles and editorial pieces destined to be published in external channels.

Marketing agencies are usually hired to create/support/execute in-house marketing strategies. This includes SEO, AdWords, social media management, in-house digital marketing, pricing, strategic presentations, among other services. A marketing agency also contributes to determine the appropriate external channels in which a brand should be profiled.

Norway Reports is particularly specialized in business communication with the sole objective of promoting local and international trade. As opposed to a communication/marketing agency, Norway Reports has its own contact network and audiences in key industrial sectors.

At the same time, our company offers editorial, graphic, and video content development services to provide our clients with more tools to execute a successful campaign by taking the best advantage of all of our digital channels. Communication is either based on economic research or testimonial information obtained from our clients and may be used both by the client and by Norway Reports as a third-party exposure channel.

Our communication and branding efforts are non-invasive. The objective is to inform potential clients and spark conversation around a company and/or brand using a non-sales tone.

2What if I have an internal marketing team?

Norway Reports works best with internal marketing teams. We always strive to understand a client’s marketing strategy and provide access to new audiences. Our services are a complement to internal efforts rather than a substitute. In a full marketing strategy, it is essential to make internal efforts, but validation from an external point of view is also key to ensure its effectiveness. On the other hand, our support allows internal teams to save considerable amounts of time to focus on the most productive activities.

3Who reads Norway Reports’ content?

As of April 2020, our audience includes over 50,000 direct and indirect readers in industries such as oil and gas, renewable energies, electricity, fisheries, and aquaculture. By the end of 2020, we expect to consolidate our position in the maritime industry. Furthermore, Norway Reports has around 3,000 direct contacts including professionals in top and middle-management positions.

Our main market is, of course, Norway, but we also reach over 40 different countries. This is the main reason why our content is published in English.

4What are the main benefits of Norway Reports’ services?

Communication has changed in the digital era. Most of the information that we absorb comes from our mobile phones and our computers. Our attention spans have become shorter and people rarely read extensive articles on mobile devices. Norway Reports offers external exposure specifically adapted to match the current information trends to ensure that readers retain the information we share about our clients. As a specialized company in industrial sectors, we research and understand how a full value chain works to make communication more targeted and effective. On the other hand, Norway Reports has created extensive databases that allow us to segment content and reach relevant audiences only. We are aware of what kind of responsibilities related to specific job titles. With our expertise, communication costs can be reduced without sacrificing exposure.

5How does Norway Reports perform an interview?

Usually, we prefer performing personal interviews. Up until March 2020, we always prioritized visiting our clients and meet them in person whenever possible. However, because of the global health emergency we are experiencing, we have opted to perform them via telephone or video-calls to safeguard the health of our clients and our team. The interviews are carried out at the most convenient date and time for our clients. Our team proposes several topics to discuss, but participants are fully entitled to suggest modifications or additional topics of interest.

6Why are packages better than individual services?

Packages are designed to yield the best results. Norway Reports made a careful selection of services to provide optimal value-for-money alternatives and to fit different budgets. Packages also allow us to make the best use of our channels and provide useful and practical feedback to our clients. With a package, it is possible to measure different performance indexes to find the most useful and effective content for each specific client.

Of course, every customer is different and the needs vary. Therefore, we also offer the alternative to select individual services provided that the basic elements for a functional strategy in our channels are included.